A Friend Of Bees Is A Friend Indeed

Last month, we took part in a concerted (and ultimately successful) effort to recognize National Pollinators Week in all 50 states. National Pollinators Week is part of the American Pollinators Protection Campaign, an effort to raise awareness surrounding the plight of pollinators like the honey bee.

You may not be aware just how important pollinators like honey bees are to the food supply, but they are integral to the survival of many of our most important crops – and they are dying out. Honey Bee at Bitner VineyardsOur campaign is designed to raise awareness of their plight and equip people to help make a difference.

One question we are frequently asked is what any one individual can do to help protect honey bees and other pollinators. One of the best things that you can do is plant more bee-friendly plants. Those little clover flowers that people have wiped out from their lawns are actually great bee food. In fact, a lot of the so-called “weeds” people are intent on removing are plants that bees and pollinators depend on. All-grass lawns may look nice, but they’re wastelands for pollinators.

canolaConsider letting some of those clover grow back this year and doing the bees a favor. After all the food the bees give to us, isn’t it only fair that we give some back to them?

– Ron