Bitner Vineyards Proudly Presents…Mi Tierra

Mi TierraIn 2010, we set out to create a Reserve wine that would showcase the great depth and intensity of the Petit Verdot and Syrah grapes that were starting to be harvested in the Bitner vineyard sloping high above the Snake River Valley. The 2010 vintage was cool during the spring and summer, but perfect conditions in the fall allowed us to hand harvest grapes with great ripeness and strong acidity – perfect conditions for wine that would be aged for an extended period in oak barrels. After fermentation the wine was aged in new French ‘Eclat’ barrels for almost 3 years. Extended aging imparts rich oak flavors and subtle hints of vanilla to the wine, and lends the wine very fine tannins that continue on the long finish. The flavors are full and ripe, making this an elegant wine for special occasions.

Greg Koenig, winemaker

Bitner Vineyards Proudly Presents Mi TierrAt Bitner Vineyards, our passion for wine is matched only by our passion for the land from which it springs. The gorgeous vistas of Snake River Valley offer not just an unparalleled view but also a unique terroir on par with the finest in the world.

We named this wine Mi Tierra, literally “our native earth”, to reflect its unique heritage. Drawing on Spanish tradition with new world flair, this truly is a product of our land. Three barrels were selected of the 2010 vintage resulting in a Syrah 67%, Petit Verdot 33% blend.We  are proud to offer a wine as lovely as the land it’s from. Taste the difference.